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Say hello to the no-frills Samsung Experience.


With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition as its base, this release brings support for flagship-class features such as live blur* and Samsung DeX*. This release also brings media experiences from new Galaxy devices.

* installed separately


More Performant

Fresh Core, Fresh's kernel, has been upstreamed with the latest patches from Samsung, Google, and the Linux Community; as well as optimizations to the system. This ensures that your device is faster than before. Plus, with Fresh Hub, it's easier to update your device and make it faster.

More Customizable

Fresh is the most customizable variant of One UI has ever been. Make your device yours by mix-and-matching your device theme with your wallpaper with Color-matching Themes, customize your icons on your status bar, and slap your own tweaks and modules you found online.


Made Possible by You

From feature suggestions, bug reporting, to sacrificing your device just in the name of beta testing. The Fresh Community has made Fresh possible in every way. This will not be what it is today without your support.


See Fresh in action.

Get Fresh 3

Official Fresh releases are available on SourceForge.

Samsung Galaxy A50
Fresh 3.2.2 Stable (21072303)
Fresh Core 4.14.212
"Fresh Edition" builds
NFC builds available
TWRP included
Samsung Galaxy A50s
Fresh Core 4.14.212
"Fresh Edition" builds
NFC builds only
TWRP not included
Addons can be downloaded from
Fresh Hub and the official repositories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know More about Fresh.

What are "Fresh Edition" builds?

"Fresh Edition" builds are Fresh releases that are based on firmwares from flagship devices. This allows your device to use features usually only found on flagship Galaxy devices such as Samsung DeX, motion photos, and dynamic blur.

"Fresh Edition" builds are only available for Samsung devices with additional 6GB/8GB variants, as these devices tend to perform good on such bases. Other devices receive "Fresh Lite" builds instead, which are based on firmwares from Galaxy A devices.

What bootloader does this need?

It is strongly advised to install the One UI 3.1 update before installing Fresh, for the most stable experience.

While there have been reports of Android 10 bootloaders successfully running Fresh 3, installing on Android 10 is not supported.

Is my data safe with Fresh Hub?

Yes. Fresh Hub does not collect any personally-identifiable information, only ping counts to the download server, facilitated by CloudFlare and SourceForge.

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